Articles, films, or informative sites about the Kandalaksha Nature reserve or the area (Murmansk region, Kola Peninsula, travelling there etc.)




Alexander S. Koryakin and Alexandra Goryashko. "Kandalakshsky Zapovednik: Protecting Russia's Nortern Maritime Wonders" // "Russian Conservation News" No.23 Summer 2000: 4-7. 2,2 МВ


Alexandra Goryashko."Young Scientists the Best Stewards at Kandalakshsky Zapovednik" // "Russian Conservation News" № 23 Summer 2000: 8-9. 1,2 МВ




18.11.2010  A Russia Today film on the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve "The lands occupied by the the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, which has been established in 1932 to protect and study the population of ...., spread over a territory that covers blah-blah-blah." The scenery shots are attractive though if you disregard the Brezhnev-era type commentary that comes with it.